About Us



Eugenio Martucci, owner of La Calabrese Pizzeria, started his hospitality career when he was 15 years old...

   "I was born in a beautiful town in Italia called Calabria. When I was 18, I was selected to serve the Generalt in the arm for my excellence service, and also my handsomeness. From then on, I've decided that one day in the future, I would devote myself in opening an Italian restaurant, and now the dream has finally come true!


I not only have passion for our food, but also very confident on our ingredients selections. All our meat and cheese are top-quality Italian food, our doughs and pastas are filled with love and expertise. I also love to bring real Italian food to you, which is why I've brought N'duja, a special spicy sauce made only in my hometown, to my pizza shop to add more Italianess to the pizzas, and everybody absolutely love our food!


So please come to La Calabrese to try our authentic food and feel my passion at Endeavour Hills Shopping Centre!"